Classification, anatomy... :

Systematic of Opistobranchia
    Sightening and mating periods in South West Indian Ocean
    Radula and buccal armature from Hoplodoris grandiflora
    Characteristics, morphology and anatomy of Phyllidiidae
    From Juvenile to sub-adult form in Hexabranchus sanguineus
    External morphology details of H. sanguineus : rhinophores, gills, oral tentacles
    Phylogeny of Thuridilla by Gosliner, 1995
    Phylogeny of Phyllodesmium by Moore & Gosliner, 2009
    Dolabella auricularia or Dolabella gigas. A shell problem?
    Jorunna rubescens abnormality
     An abnormal specimen of Pleurobranchus peronii ?
    Seaslug gills : two side, triangular or quadrangular in cross-section
    Ceratal arrangement in Phyllodesmium by Rudman, 1991
    Ceratal structure in Phyllodesmium by Rudman, 1991

Reproduction, mating ... :

Swarming behavior : Stylocheilus striatus, October 2005
    Spawning behavior : Berthella martensi
    Mating behavior and spawn event : Jorunna rubescens
    Mating behavior : Dendrodoris denisoni
    Spawn and larvae : Chromodoris conchyliata
    Mating behavior and spawn event : Asteronotus cespitosus
    Diversity of mating behavior in different Seaslug species
    Thuridilla moebii mating behavior and spawn event
    Spawn event : Gymnodoris okinawae
    Spawn event : Stylocheilus striatus
    Annual change in population of Jorunna rubescens in L'ermitage lagoon
    Spawn and mating events in Philinopsis speciosa
    Spawning behavior, a blue-green spawn in Miamira miamirana
    Spawn and courtship behavior ? in Chelidonura punctata
    Spawning behavior : Phanerophthalmus smaragdinus
    Mating behavior : Pteraeolidia semperi
   Detail of mating : Gymnodiris okinawa

Feeding behavior :

The page of seaslug predator's 
     Feeding behavior : Jorunna rubescens a sponge feeder
     Excretion behavior : Jorunna rubescens
     Feeding behavior : Chromodoris conchyliata a sponge feeder
     Excretion behavior : Hexabranchus sanguineus
     Commensalism between a shrimp and Hexabranchus sanguineus
     Phyllidia varicosa with a commensal shrimp ?
     Feeding behavior : Gymnodoris ceylonica a sea hare predator
     Excretion behavior : Gymnodoris citrina
     Feeding behavior : Jorunna funebris eats sponges of different coloiur...
     Micromelo undatus captures and eats its prey : a worm ...
     Asteronotus cespitosus with a commensal shrimp ?
     Gymnodiris okinawae, a predator

Other behavior :

Sebadoris nubilosa swim...
    Hexabranchus sanguineus swim like a spanish dancer...
    Haminoea cymbalum, broken shell expulsion...
    Important appearance of Glaucus atlanticus at l'ermitage
    Thousands of Stylocheilus striatus drifting in open water
    Looking for a stowaway on Bursatella leachii ...
    The Juvenile of Hexabranchus sanguineus is able to swim...
    Philinopsis reticulata burrowing on the sand
    Phyllidia ocellata in association with Brittle star
    Cyerce pavonina mimics an encrusting ascidian
    Thuridilla moebii "hanging out" an ostracod...
    Micromelon undatus with a strange black excrescence
    From juvenile to adult at Dendrodoris carbunculosa
    She try to take off : Dendrodoris nigra