Buccal armature from Carminodoris grandiflora

All the information presented in this page come from Fahey and Gosliner publication : Fahey, S. J. & Gosliner, T. M. (2003) Mistaken identities: On the Discodorididae genera Hoplodoris Bergh, 1880 and Carminodoris Bergh, 1889 (Opisthobranchia, Nudibranchia). Proceedings of the California Academy of Sciences, 54(10) : 169-208.


Material examined :

CASIZ 070388, one specimen, dissected, 44 mm, Saint Gilles les
Bains, Reunion.

Collected by T.M. Gosliner, 20 April 1989.

Hoplodoris grandiflora T.Gosliner

Buccal armature.

The buccal mass is large and muscular. At the anterior end of the muscular region is a thin, chitinous labial cuticle. The labial cuticle contains irregularly tipped jaw rodlets (Figs.A–B).

A : Labial rods, closed up (of photo B right area) B : Labial rods.
labial cuticle : Terry Gosliner



The innermost lateral radula teeth are hamate (Fig C)

Hoplodoris grandiflora's radula : Terry Gosliner


The middle radula teeth have a more elongate cusp (Figs D-E)

Hoplodoris grandiflora's radula : Terry Gosliner

Hoplodoris grandiflora's radula : Terry Gosliner


The outer lateral radula teeth have small denticles and the two or three penultimate lateral teeth are much shorter than the others.