Mating behavior. Dendrodoris krusensternii

by Hugues Flodrops

All the photos whose present in this page, are taken in Etang salé les bains on a Rocky coast
19 December 2006.

17h45 : Approach phase. The specimen on the right side was 20 cm far from the left one. The left one seemed to be eating a sponge. Suddenly the right one moved near the other one.

17h47 : Preliminary phase. When the right specimen arrived at the head level of its future partner, it balanced its head from right to left, progressed under the mantle ( head and the two rhinophores under the mantle seemed to search the genital aperture....). During this time the other didn't move.

17h48 : Mating phase. Duration? I don't staying around by 15 minutes later when I come back they are separated by 50 cm...