A seaslug predator. Gymnodoris ceylonica

Species of Gymnodoris are voracious predators of other opistobranches, G.ceylonica commonly feeds upon the sea hare Stylocheilus striatus.

feeding behavior

Alain Diringer

Tonne de St Paul, 3 November 2009

Many specimens observed during this dive...

Some of them, eat Stylocheilus striatus

Yann Von Arnim

Ferme Marine de Mahebourg, Mauritius, 3 October 2008, 22m,

A large number of G. ceylonica was observed during one week ( 3 to 10 October). After this week the population decreased. During the last dive ( 17 October )we observed only a few specimens and some dead animals.

During this swarning events,

This species eats... some Stylocheilus striatus