Spawn and larvae. Chromodoris conchyliata

by Philibert Bidgrain

All the photos whose present in this page, are taken in Etang salé les bains on a Rocky coast
in November 2005.


Philibert Bidgrain.

Etang salé les bains, 8 November 2005 at 6 p.m

The spawn  looks quite similar to that of C. geometrica, a common species in the western Pacific, which is very similar in colour pattern and body shape.

An other spawning event was observed by Hugues Flodrops (see message in bottom of the page ) in April 2007

spawn of this nudibranch

This spawn, was photographied the next day, early on the morning.

The diameter is about 30 to 35 mm.

During October and November 2005, I observed several spawns of this species. Always approximatively the same size and the same color...

spawn of chromodoris

Photo below : microscopic observations, five days after the spawn event. You can observed capsule with one or two larvae.

mass eggg of this seaslug eggs of this sea slug