Hexabranchus sanguineus with its commensal shrimp

Sebastien Bascoulès

Mayotte, Chissioua Sada on the reef flat zone, less 1 m, 12 September 2010, size : 150 mm


These two shrimps has the "classical" pattern of Periclimenes imperator...

Alain Barrère

Reunion, Etang salé on a rocky coast, less 1 m, 1 February 2005

Emperor shrimp, Periclimenes imperator ???, next to gills of spanish dancer, Hexabranchus sanguineus

This shrimp hasn't the "classical" pattern of Periclimenes imperator.... so a strange coloration or another species ???

Periclimenes could be associated with other opisthobranchs.



Thierry Cailleux

Reunion, Sainte Rose, 15 m, 13 November 2010

During a night dive. 2 shrimps on this specimen