Marionia rubra (Ruppel & Leuckart, 1828)

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This species has been observed on Reunion Island

Order : Nudibranchia
Suborder : Dexiarchia
Superfamily : Tritonioidea
Family : Tritiniidae
Distribution : Indo West Pacific
Maximal size : 120 mm
Abundance :

Species characteristics :

The body is deep red to pale pink or orange.

The dorsum is pustulose but soft. There tended to be a concentration of white pigment around the edges of some of the rounded pustules

The oral veil was almost semicircular, slightly indented medially, with a series of five or six digitatíons on each side, some of which bifurcated approximately half way along, others at the tips, creating a very irregular structure.

The gills (about 8-10 bushy gills on each side), approximately equal in size, were very well developed.

marionia rubra
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Photo Alain Diringer
Reunion, Cap la Houssaye, 8 December 2010

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Remarks :

Identification confirmed by Hsini Lin and Nathalie Yonow. This species is also called Marioniopsis rubra by some specialists
   The specimen with other that red coloration ( but for some specialist M. rubra could be also light green or brown) are under this page Marionia cf rubra
    Synonymous : (according worms) But actually considered as taxon inquirendum
            - Tritonia rubra Rüppell & Leuckart, 1828 (original combination)
            - Marioniopsis rubra (Rüppell & Leuckart, 1828)

External morphology :

Described by Ruppell & Leuckart from Red Sea specimens.
    The rhinophores were set almost on the edges of the head, pointing laterally. The sheath was tubular, high and its edges crenulated
    The rhinophore stalk was thick, constricted at the distal end. The club was composed of a digitiform tentacle surrounded by a series of pinnate processes.
    The gills (about 8-10 bushy gills on each side) , approximately equal in size, were very well developed. The thick trunk was faintly tuberculate.
    Feeds on soft corals

References :

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Publications :

Rüppell, E, & Leuckart, F.S. (1828-1831). Atlas zu der Reise im nördlichen Afrika von Eduard Rüppell. Neue wirbellose Thiere des rothen Meers . 15-47, Pl. 1-12
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Alain Diringer

Reunion, Cap la Houssaye, 8 December 2010

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