Discodoris boholiensis     Bergh, 1877
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This species has been observed on Reunion, Mayotte, Madagascar and Seychelles Islands

Order : Nudibranchia
Suborder : Euctenidiacea
Superfamily : Doridoidea
Family : Discodorididae
Distribution : Indo-West Pacific.
Maximal size : 80 mm, may be 250 ?
Abundance : (Run) Seldom on the fore reef zone. (May) Seldom on the reef flat zone

Species characteristics :

A narrow visceral hump, which forms a narrow median ridge from the rhinophores to the gills.
   Colour usually brown with dark brown and white patches
   It has a very thin and wide mantle skirt which gives it the appearance of a large flatform
   The rhinophore stalk and club are dark brown with a white line up the posterior midline of the stalk and along the anterior (upper) surface of the club.
   The dark brown gills have a distinct pattern of white lines

Discodoris boholiensis
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Photo Emmanuel Eby
Reunion, Saint Leu : 40 to 50 mm

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Remarks :

Identification confirmed by Nathalie Yonow
    Synonymous : (according Worms)
          - Discodiris meta, Bergh, 1877

Bibliographic data :

The wide mantle skirt, is often autotomised when disturbed.
    These dorids are usually hidden during the day so its fast crawling may have been caused by its trying to find somewhere to hide. Of course its little brain can't actually think about such things, but many animals that hide during the day are what is called photokinetic that is they move quite fast when they are in the light, and stop or slow down considerably when they are in the dark. This helps to get them to a dark place, which ususally means a shaded overhang or crevice where they can hide.
    The mantle of Discodoris boholiensis is very thin and flexible, which allows it to curl up into some very weird shapes so that it can nestle into crevices in rocks and coral colonies away from potential predators.
    Feeds on sponges like many seaslugs.

References :

Bill Rudman Seaslug site : Sea Slug Forum : Discodoris boholiensis
   Nudipixel Discodoris boholiensis

Publications :

Bergh, L.S.R. (1877). Malacologische Untersuchungen. In: C.G. Semper, Reisen im Archipel der Philippinen, Wissenschaftliche Resultate. Band 2, Heft 12 : 495-546, Pls. 58-61.
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Other photos of Discodoris boholiensis :

Discodoris boholiensis E.Eby

Olivier Fournajoux

Madagascar, Baie d'Antongil

Philibert Bidgrain

Mtsanga Mbouéanatsa at Mayotte, crawling on the sand during the day, on the reef flat zone, less 1m, 4 August 2008, size : 40-45 mm

Rhinophore detail


Discodoris boholiensis E.Eby

Philibert Bidgrain

Mayotte, Mtsanga Jimaweni, less 1 m, 14 Jully 2010, size : 50 mm

A mating events...



Eva Fontaine

Mtsanga sakouli, Mayotte, on the reef flat zone, crawling on the sand, 18 October 2008, size : 10-15 mm

Discodoris boholiensis M.Jay



Matthias Deuss

Mayotte, La case Robinson, less 1 m, 27 December 2010, size : 25 mm

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Mayotte, Discodoris boholiensis, by Sylvain Le Bris

Seychelles, Discodoris boholiensis, at Mahé, by Christophe Mason-Parker