Dermatobranchus sp. 3

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This species has been observed on Mayotte and Madagascar Islands

Order : Nudibranchia
Suborder : Dexiarchia
Superfamily : Arminoidea
Family : Arminidae
Distribution : Madagascar
Maximal size : 15 mm
Abundance :

Species characteristics :

Notum whitish with low longitudinal ridge with in some specimen some tiny dark green dots

The rhinophore stalk is translucent and the club is dark green to brown.


dermatobranchus sp3
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Photo Alain-Benoît Rassat
Madagascar, Nosy bé, Olaf, 14 m, 29 May 2015, size : 15 mm

Remarks :

An undescribed species ?

Other photos of Dermatobranchus sp. 3 :

Alain-Benoît Rassat

Madagascar, Nosy bé, ledge, 15 m ,23 December 2015, size : 10 mm


Philibert Bidgrain

Mayotte, Tanaraki, less 1 m, 25 July 2010, size : 6 mm


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