Pseudobiceros periculosus  Newman and Cannon 1994

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This species has been observed on Reunion and Mayotte Islands

Order : Polycladida
Suborder : Cotylea
Superfamily : Pseudocerotoidea
Family : Pseudocerotidae
Distribution : Pacific and now Reunion
Maximal size : 45 mm
Abundance :

Species characteristics :

Background body colour black with wide bright orange band and narrow clear rim

Pseudotentacles black, square, orange laterally

Pseudobiceros periculosus
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Photo Hugues Flodrops
Reunion, Etang salé on the rocky coast, less 1 m, 9 December 2010, size : 25 mm

Bibliographic data :

Habitat : Found under rubble on the reef crest feeding on orange colonial ascidians
    Ethymology : periculosus = danger, for its black and orange pattern
    This species looks like Pseudobiceros uniarborensis, Pseudobiceros hymanae, Pseudobiceros hancockanus and Pseudoceros periaurantus but
            - In Pseudobiceros hancockanus, there is two distinct marginal bands, the inner band is wide and orange, and the rim is narrow and white
            - In Pseudobiceros hymanae , there is a wide orange marginal band and a narrow black rim
            - In Pseudoceros periaurantus, there is only a distinctive wide brilliant orange marginal band
            - In Pseudobiceros uniarborensis there is three narrow marginal bands, inner band bright orange, then a wide clear or grey band and a white rim

References :

Discover life : Pseudobiceros periculosus

Publications :

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Other photos of Pseudobiceros periculosus :




Philibert Bidgrain

Reunion, Grand Fond lagoon, Saint Gilles, less 1 m, 23 September 2010, size : 12-15 mm

Detail of the pseudotentacles



Pseudotentacles black, square, orange laterally (a)




Christophe Cadet

Reunion, La Saline lagoon, less 1 m, 18 April 2010, size : 45 mm



Eva Fontaine

Reunion, Grand Fond lagoon, Saint Gilles, less 1 m, 20 December 2009, size : 10 mm

A juvenile form of this species ???



Philibert Bidgrain

Reunion, La Saline lagoon, less 1 m, 17 February 2010, size : 15-20 mm

A specimen with a bright orange marginal coloration (a) and narrow clear rim (b)



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Mayotte, Pseudobiceros periculosus, at Petite terre, by Matthias Deuss