Volvatella cf. cincta G. Nevill & H. Nevill, 1869

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This species has been observed on Rodrigues Island

Order : Sacoglossa
Superfamily :  Oxynooidea
Family : Volvatellidae
Distribution : Ceylan, Chagos and Rodrigues
Maximal size :
Abundance :

Species characteristics :

It has a large, weakly calcified, bulloid-shaped shell. At its posterior end, the shell narrows into a funnel or spout

The shell is more overlap than in Volvatella cf. vigourouxi and the funnel or spout shorter.

bulla succisa
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Photo Raymond Huet
Rodrigues, Shell size : 11 mm, 2015

Remarks :

Identification confirmed by Raymond Huet
    The identity of species from the Indo-West Pacific is difficult to resolve as many of the early descriptions are very brief.
    For some author, this species from Ceylon is also most probably a synonym of V. vigourouxi, which would indicate that it has a wide distribution in the Indian and Pacific Oceans.
    Synonymous (according worms):
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Bibliographic data :

The foot is relatively short and the head bears a pair of rounded oral lobes and a pair of somewhat flattened, rounded rhinophores.
    Species are found in association with their food, the green siphonaceous algae, Caulerpa, on which they are well camouflaged.
    When disturbed a sticky white secretion is released from a gland in the mantle cavity
    The egg mass is a flattened disk laid on seaweed.

In South West Indian Ocean, we found two different kind of shell, so probably two different species : Volvatella cf. cincta and Volvatella cf. vigourouxi

Volvatella cf. cincta

Volvatella cf. vigourouxi

At its posterior end, the shell narrows into a short (a) funnel or spout.
   Important overlapping (b) on the ventral face of the shell

At its posterior end, the shell narrows into a long (a) funnel or spout.
    No overlapping (b) on the ventral face of the shell


References :

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Publications :

Sheppard, A (1984). The molluscan fauna of Chagos (Indian Ocean) and an analysis ot its broad distribution patterns. Coral Reefs 3: 43-50

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