Cuthona sp. 6

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This species has been observed on Mauritius, Mayotte and Madagascar Islands

Order : Nudibranchia
Suborder : Dexiarchia
Superfamily : Fionoidea
Family : Fionidae
Distribution : Indo-West Pacific
Maximal size : 50 mm
Abundance :

Species characteristics :

The distal portion of the cerata have a subapical black band, below this is a yellow to gold band followed by a terrific blue to grey blue band. The lower portion of the cerata is covered with clusters of opaque white dots

Head, smooth rhinophores and oral tentacles appear to range in colour from dark brown green to black

The dorsal surface of the body have scattered patches of opaque white while in other specimens there is a solid colouring of white.

Cuthona sp6
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Photo Norbert Verneau
Mayotte, Quai des Douanes, Petite Terre, 3 m, 14 September 2012, size : 20 mm

Remarks :

looks like Cuthona sp. 13 in NSSI, Nudibranch & Sea Slug Identification, Indo-Pacific, Gosliner, Valdés & Behrens, 2015

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References :

Bill Rudman Seaslug site : Sea Slug Forum : Cuthona yamasui

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Other photos of Cuthona sp. 6 :

Barbara Bini

Madagascar Nosy bé 20 m, size : 20 mm

Probably thre same species with a darker coloration of the grey blue band



Yann von-Arnim

Mauritius, Mahebourg Marine Farm, 22 m, 2015

Alain-Benoît Rassat

Madagascar Nosy bé 26 September 2017

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