Siphopteron ladrones Carlson & Hoff, 1974

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This species has been observed on Mayotte Island

Order : Cephalaspidea
Superfamily : Philinoidea
Family : Gastropteridae
Distribution : Indo-West Pacific
Maximal size : 5mm
Abundance :

Species characteristics :

Head shield with a median yellow-orange line and a diffuse yellow band along the anterior edge.

The dorsal hump is yellow or orange with large white spots each bordered with a darker brown orange ring.

The outside of the parapodia are brown with a large yellowish spot at the highest point and two basal white spots.

siphopteron ladrones
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Photo Quentin Lognoné
Mayotte, Piscine de Papani, less 1 m , 9 Mach 2016, size : 2-3 mm:

Remarks :

Synonymous : (according Worms)
               - Gastropteron ladrones Carlson & Hoff, 1974

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References :

Bill Rudman Seaslug site : Siphopteron ladrones
   Philippines Seaslugs Siphopteron ladrones

Publications :

Carlson, C.H. & Hoff, P.J. (1974) The Gastropteridae of Guam. with descriptions of four new species (Opisthobranchia: Cephalaspidea). Publications of the Seto Marine Biological Laboratory, 21(5/6) : 345-363

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