Facelinid sp. 1

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This species has been observed on Madagascar and Mozambic

Order : Nudibranchia
Suborder : Dexiarchia
Superfamily : Aeolidioidea
Family : Facelinidae
Distribution : Madagascar, Mozambic
Maximal size : 20-25 mm
Abundance :

Species characteristics :

Body opaque white

Cerata entirely orange

Rhinophore orange without papillae on their posterior surface and a white mark subapically

Oral tentacle opaque white with orange ring at the base

The white opaque anterior foot corners are prominent, being enlarged into pointed tentacles


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Photo Alain-Benoît Rassat
Madagascar, Jardin d'éponge, Nosy Bé, 19 May 2016, size : 20-25 mm

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Remarks :

For some people this specimen looks like Facelina sp. for others to a Caloria sp. and others incline for a Sakuraeolis sp. Waiting for a real scientific study of this kind of specimens, it seems preferable to call them Facelinid sp. Hence the choice of Facelinid sp. 1 for these specimens.

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Nathalie Bazard

Madagascar, Nosy Bé, 15 April 2017


Exactly ther same pattern...

Yara Tibirica

Mozambique, Paindane, , size : 10mm

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