Noumeaella rehderi     Marcus, 1965

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This species has been observed on Reunion and Mayotte Islands

Order : Nudibranchia
Suborder : Dexiarchia
Superfamily : Aeolidioidea
Family : Facelinidae
Distribution : Indo Pacific
Maximal size : 12 mm
Abundance :

Species characteristics :.

Translucent white with patches of opaque white on the notum, rhinophores and oral tentacles

Cerata inwardly curved with brown and white pigmentation

The rhinophores have long, closely spaced papillae on their posterior edges.

sakuraeolis inigunoides
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Photo Quentin Lognoné
Mayotte, N'Gouja, 17 November 2017

Remarks :

Identification confirmed by Hsini Lin
    Synonymous (according worms) :
               - No other name

Bibliographic data :

It lays a white, spiral egg mass that hatches in about three days in the laboratory.

References :

Seaslug of hawaii: Noumeaella rehderi
    Kwajalein underwater Marshall Island : Noumeaella rehderi

Publications :

Marcus Er. (1965). Some Opisthobranchia from Micronesia. Malacologia. 3(2): 263-286

Other photos of Noumeaella rehderi :

Quentin Lognoné

Mayotte, N'Gouja, 17 November 2017

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Alexandre Laporte

Reunion, Etang Sale on the rocky coast, less 1 m, 6 December 2016,

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