Kaloplocamus sp. 1   

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This species has been observed on Mauritius and Madagascar Islands

Order : Nudibranchia
Suborder : Euctenidiacea
Superfamily : Polyceroidea
Family : Polyceridae
Distribution : Madagascar, Mauritius
Maximal size : 15 mm
Abundance : Seldom if ever on the fore reef zone

Species characteristics :

It can be recognized by its red-orange body color speckle with white dots and elongate appendages that are translucent white with white pigment and tipped with yellow and red pigment

plocamopherus margaretae
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Photo Monika Bachel
Mauritius,Peyrebère, 15 m, 13 March 2014, size : 6 mm

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Remarks :

Identification confirmed by Terry Gosliner
    Specimen from Madagascar (Gosliner, 2008, p 105)

Bibliographic data :

Similar in appearance to Kaloplocamus acutus but appears to be undescribed
                - In Kaloplocamus acutus from western Pacific the elongate appendages are translucent white tipped with bright orange or orange-red while they are tipped in Kaloplocamus sp1 with yellow and red pigment.
                - The white markings on the notum of Kaloplocamus acutus are smaller and more numerous than in Kaloplocamus sp1

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Other photos of Kaloplocamus sp. 1 :

Barbara Bini

Madagascar, Nosy bé, 26 m, size : 15 mm

Photo Monika Bachel

Mauritius, Peyrebère, 15 m, 13 March 2014, size : 6 mm


Another photo of this specimen with the branched gills with an orange line on the inner axis of the gill


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