Janolus sp2  

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This species has been observed on Mauritius Island

Order : Nudibranchia
Suborder : Dexiarchia
unassigned Cladobranchia...
Family : Proctonotidae
Distribution : Indo West Pacific
Maximal size : 40 mm
Abundance :

Species characteristics :

The body has transparent acute cerata, through which the digestive gland is visible.Yellow pigment is present subapically on the cerata and the tips are white then black

The papillate rhinophores have the same coloration of the cerata  

janolus sp2
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Photo Yann von Arnim
Mauritius, "Mahebourg Marine Farm", 24 m, 30 September 2010, size : 50 mm

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Remarks :

Identification confirmed by Nathalie Yonow
    This species looks like Janolus toyamensis but in J. toyamensis there are on the cerata many opaque white longitudinal lines.

Bibliographic data :

Member of this family (Janolus) have a branched sensory structure between the rhinophores called a caruncle. The dorsum is covered with cerata, with branches of the digestive gland.
    The foot is translucent white with an opaque white margin.
    Cerata are also present on the anterior end of the notum in front of the rhinophores.
    They eat arborescent species of bryozoans.
    When disturbed this species autotomize the cerata, which are sticky and adhere to anything that they come in contact with.

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Nudipixel Janolus toyamensis

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