Hypselodoris rudmani     Gosliner & Johnson, 1999

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This species has been observed on Madagascar

Order : Nudibranchia
Suborder : Euctenidiacea
Superfamily : Doridoidea
Family : Chromodorididae
Distribution : Western Indian Ocean
Maximal size : 45 mm
Abundance :

The body is translucent white with scattered opaque white or cream, black and yellow spots or marks, both of which are more dense marginally.

A total or partial purple blue marginal band is present on the notum and foot

The rhinophores are uniformly dark red

The nine unipinnate gills are white with a thin orange-red line on the inside and outside of the rachis

hypselodoris rudmani
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Photo Alain-Benoît Rassat
Madagascar, Nosy Be, Plateau des arches, 17 m, 15 December 2012, size : 25 mm

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Remarks :

Identification confirmed by Nathalie Yonow
    According Richard Willan "This species from the western Indian Ocean is nearly identical externally to Hypselodoris sagamiensis from the tropical western Pacific Ocean, and they could well be the same species."

Bibliographic data :

They are translucent patches behind the rhinophores, throught which the eyes are visible
    Etymology : This species is named for friend and colleague, Bill Rudman, for his monumental contributions to the understanding of the systematics of the Chromodorididae.

References :

Bill Rudman Seaslug site : Sea Slug Forum : Hypselodoris rudmani
   Nudipixel Hypselodoris rudmani

Publications :

Gosliner, T.M. & Johnson, R.F. (1999) Phylogeny of Hypselodoris with a review of the monophyletic clade of Indo-Pacific species, including descriptions of twelve new species. Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society, 125 : 1-114.
    Johnson R.F. & Gosliner T.M. (2012) Traditional taxonomic groupings mask evolutionary history: A molecular phylogeny and new classification of the chromodorid nudibranchs. PLoS ONE 7(4): e33479

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Barbara Bini

Madagascar, Nosy Bé, 20 m, size : 50 mm


Sully Bachel

Madagascar, Nosy Be, baie de Betofaka, 12-14 m, 21 Jully 2010, size : 20 mm



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