Gymnodoris nigricolor   Baba, 1960
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This species has been observed on Mayotte and Madagascar Islands

Order : Nudibranchia
Suborder : Euctenidiacea
Superfamily : Polyceroidea
Family : Gymnodorididae
Distribution : Ryukyu Archipelago, Solomon Islands, Malaisie, Maldives, and Mayotte
Maximal size : 10 mm
Abundance :

Species characteristics :

Body smooth, uniformly bluish black

Gills small, consisting of 9 plumes arranged in a complete circle around the anus.

Rhinophores and gills also bluish black.

Gymnodoris nigricolor
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Photo Eva Fontaine Mayotte, Mtsanga Mboueanatsa, on the reef flat zone, less 1 m, 4 August 2008, size : 10-15 mm.

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Remarks :

Identification confirmed by Nathalie Yonow
    Synonymous : (according Worms)
               - No other name

Bibliographic data :

It has a remarkable association with a number of species of gobies ( Amblyeleotris steinitzi, Amblyeleotris wheeleri, Ctenogobiops pomastictus), apparently living permanently on their fins, and feeding on the skin between the fin rays. Osumi & Yamasu (1994) suggest that the association is nearer to parasitism than symbiosis.
    The nudibranchs have been seen on all eight fins of the gobies: pectoral, pelvic, first dorsal, second dorsal, caudal, and anal. In some cases multiple nudibranchs have been seen on the same goby...

References :

Bill Rudman Seaslug site : Sea Slug Forum : Gymnodoris nigricolor

Publications :

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    Mulliner, D.K. (1991) Contact Association between the nudibranch Gymnodoris nigricolor Baba, 1960 (Gymnodorididae) and the Datehaze Goby (Perciformes: Gobiidae). Western Society of Malacologists Annual Report 23 : 17.
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Alain-Benoît Rassat

Madagascar, Nosy bé, Sakatia bay, 6 m, 29 March 2014, size : 30 mm


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