Eubranchus inabai Baba, 1964

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This species has been observed on Reunion Island

Order : Nudibranchia
Suborder : Dexiarchia
Superfamily : Fionoidea
Family : Eubranchidae
Distribution : Western Pacific Ocean and now Reunion
Maximal size : 12 mm
Abundance :

Species characteristics :

This species has a very characteristic colour pattern, orange body with a series of large white patches on the dorsum

Cerata inflated opaque white widest subapicaly and tapering into a narrower apex

Smooth and fine reddish brown rhinophores

eubranchus inabai
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Photo Monika Bachel
Reunion, Cap la Housaye, 14 m, 12 June 2010, size : < 5mm

Remarks :

Identification confirmed by Nathalie Yonow
    Synonymous : (according Worms)
               - No other name

Bibliographic data :

Mid-length of the cephalic tentacles reddish brown
    Recall that Eubranchus differs from Cuthona only by having a radula with three teeth per row, the latter having a single rachidian tooth

References :

Sea slug Forum: Eubranchus inabai
   Medslug Eubranchus inabai

Publications :

Baba, K. (1964). Description of Eubranchus inabai n.sp., from Mukaishima, Japan (Nudibranchia - Eolidoidea). Publications of the Seto Marine Biological Laboratory. 12(4):285-287

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