Elysia cf. tomentosa       Jensen 1997

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This species has been observed on Madagascar Island

Order : Sacoglossa
Superfamily : Plakobranchoidea
Family : Plakobranchidae
Distribution : Madagascar
Maximal size : 5 mm
Abundance :

Species characteristics :

The general body color is brown with tiny opaque white dots especially on the head and the distal part of the parapodial surface.

The parapodia are held high like in Elysia tomentosa

The body is extremely papillose, and many of the papillae, especially those along the parapodial margins, and on the rhinophores are long

Elysia cf  tomentosa
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Photo Barbara Bini
Madagascar, Nosy bé, 20 m, size : 2-5 mm

Remarks :

Identification confirmed as Elysia sp. by Hsini Lin
    I use the term of Elysia cf. tomentosa because of the aspect of the held parapodia, the presence ot tiny white spot and papillae on the notum and parapodia, so it looks like Elysia tomentosa

References :

Publications :

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