Suborder : DORIDINA
Superfamily : Eudoridoidea
Family : Dendrodorididae


In the Eudoridoidea the gills can be withdrawn into a pocket for protection. Another name for the superfamily is the "Cryptobranchia" which basically means "hidden gills".

The Dendrodorididae (O'Donoghue, 1924)

Dendrodoris (Ehrenberg, 1831)

Characteristics :

This group of dorid nudibranchs lack radular teeth and feed by secreting digestive enzyme into sponges and sucking the partially digested tissue.


Photo : D. denisoni



Gills :

They have a prominent gill on the back


swollen rhinophore

Rhinophores :

Usually with very swollen rhinophore stalks



Photo : D. denisoni