Pseudobiceros bedfordi (Laidlaw, 1903)

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This species has been observed on Mayotte and Madagascar Islands

Order : Polycladida
Suborder : Cotylea
Superfamily : Pseudocerotoidea
Family : Pseudocerotidae
Distribution : Indo West Pacific
Maximal size : 100 mm
Abundance :

Species characteristics :

Background body colour variable, brown-black with numerous small yellow dots (sometimes appearing green or whitish) and irregular transverse pink to orange streaks usually outlined in black

The transverse pink streaks are distribute irregularly but in a bilateral pattern over the dorsal surface



Pseudobiceros bedfordi
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Photo Yvon Gildas
Mayotte, Tombant des aviateurs, 10 m, 11 April 2009, size : 50 mm

Remarks :

In our specimens the numerous small dots appeared whitish more than yellow or green...

Bibliographic data :

Pseudoceros bedfordi has been moved to Pseudobiceros bedfordi (Faubel 1984) because it has duplicate male reproductive systems. Just before copulation, two penis papillae can be seen...
   Margin black with white spots
   Ventral surface light purple
   Pseudotentacles pointed, ear-like (a)
   Displays warning colouration ( aposematic), fish will not feed on swimming animals
   Habitat : Found under boulders at the reef crest, out swimming in lagoonal waters and under ledges on the reef slopes
   Ethymology : bedfordi = after Mr Bedford
   This species is similar to Pseudoceros sp5 but Pseudobiceros bedfordi hasn't a large irregular dark pink submarginal band like Pseudoceros sp5

References :

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Publications :

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Other photos of Pseudobiceros bedfordi :




Florence Trentin

Mayotte, Passe en S, 3 August 2006

Pseudotentacles pointed, ear-like (a)

Margin black with white spots (b)



Philibert Bidgrain

Mayotte, Déversoir de Dzaoudzi, 17 Jully 2013, size : 60 mm

 More photos from Indian Ocean

Mayotte, lateral view of Pseudobiceros bedfordi, by Yvon Gildas

Madagascar, Pseudobiceros bedfordi, at Nosy bé, by Alain-Benoît Rassat