Phrikoceros fritillus  Newman and Cannon 1996

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This species has been observed on Reunion and Mayotte Islands

Order : Polycladida
Suborder : Cotylea
Superfamily : Pseudocerotoidea
Family : Pseudocerotidae
Distribution : Australia and Réunion
Maximal size : 22 mm
Abundance :

Species characteristics :

A cream background with tiny clusters of brown microdots evenly scattered over the dorsal surface, but not extending to the margin, reason why the margin has a wide cream band

A wide and conspicuous orange triangle between the pseudotentacles, extending to the cerebral cluster

Pseudoceros monostichos
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Photo Christophe Cadet
Reunion, Etang salé on the rocky coast, less 1 m, 22 February 2011, size : 10 mm

Bibliographic data :

Oval, thick, and fleshy body with ruffled margins.
   The ventral surface is cream.
   Dorsal surface sometimes pockmarked or indented.
   Pseudotentacles are somewhat pointed, formed by deep ruffles of the anterior margin with two dense groups of eyes and few eyes scattered at the base, close to the margin.
   A rounded cerebral cluster with about 50 eyes.
   Habitat : Found under boulders feeding on cream colonial ascidians at the reef crest
   Ethymology : fritillus = spotted; refers to the spotty pattern

References :

Discover life : Phrikoceros fritillus
    Lifedesk : Phrykoceros fritillus

Publications :

Newman, L.J. & Cannon, L. R. G. (1996) New genera of pseudocerotid flatworms (Platyhelminthes, Polycladida) from Australian and Papua New Guinean coral reefs. Journal of Natural History , 30: 14251441.
    Newman, L.J. & Cannon, L.R.G. (2003). Marine Flatworms: the world of Polyclads. CSIRO Publishing : Melbourne 112

Other photos of Phrykoceros fritillus :

Pierrick Bourny

Mayotte, Passe en S, 30 m, 20 January 2010


Christophe Cadet

Reunion, trois bassins, "la souris blanche", 13 m, 7 March 2013

The margin (a), in this specimen is clearly yellowish

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