Flatworm forum from South-West Indian Ocean

message 40 : Madagascar, Pericelis sp2, at Nosy bé, by Philibert Bidgrain

message 39 : Madagascar, Pseudobiceros cf gratus, at Nosy bé, by Alain-Benoît Rassat

message 38 : Madagascar, Pseudoceros jebborum/paralaticlavus type 4, at Nosy bé, by Nathalie Bazard

message 37 : Madagascar, Pseudoceros scintillatus group type 2, at Nosy bé, by Alain-Benoît Rassat

message 36 : Madagascar, Pseudoceros cf prudhoei, at Nosy bé, by Alain-Benoît Rassat

message 35 : Madagascar, Pseudobiceros bedfordi, at Nosy bé, by Alain-Benoît Rassat

message 34 : Madagascar, Pseudoceros cf dimidiatus, at Nosy bé, by Alain-Benoît Rassat

message 33 : Madagascar, Pseudobiceros sp1, at Andavadoaka, by Alain Barrère

message 32 : Mayotte, Pseudobiceros periculosus, at Petite terre, by Matthias Deuss

message 31 : Mayotte, a large Paraplanocera sp1, at Petite Terre, by Olivier Police

message 30 : Reunion, hight concentration of Paraplanocera sp1, at Etang salé, by Philibert Bidgrain

message 29 : Reunion, transparent Paraplanocera cf oligoglena, at La Saline, by Philippe Bourjon

message 28 : Mauritius, ventral and dorsal side of Paraplanocera cf oligoglena, by Hilary Jones

message 27 : Reunion, Callioplana marginata with white head tentacle tips, at Trou d'eau, by Philibert Bidgrain

message 26 : Reunion, large Pseudoceros confusus with inner opaque white marginal band, at Saint Gilles, by P. Bidgrain

message 25 : Mayotte, Pseudoceros cf confusus without white raised spot, at Mbouanatsa, by Philibert Bidgrain

message 24 : Reunion, Pseudobiceros fulgor, at Etang salé, by Christophe Cadet

message 23 : Reunion, Acanthozoon/Thysanozoon sp 1 with long papillae, at Trou d'eau, by Philippe Bourjon

message 22 : Mayotte, Pseudobiceros uniarborensis with egg mass visible by transparance, at Mtsanga Tsoha, by P.Bidgrain

message 21 : Mauritius, a small dark brown Pseudobiceros fulgor, at Flic-en-flac, by Pierre Conchylinet 

message 20 : Mauritius, Thysanozoon cf nigropapillosum, at Flic-en-flac, by Pierre Conchylinet

message 19 : Les Glorieuses, Pseudobiceros sp1 swimming, by Thierry Mulochau

message 18 : Mayotte, three Pericelis sp2 under a rock, at Mtsangea M'Titi Sada, by Philibert Bidgrain 

message 17 : Reunion, Pericelis sp1 in an acrobatic position, at Trou d'eau, by Christophe Cadet  

message 16 : Mayotte, Pericelis sp1, by Matthias Deuss

message 15 : Reunion, marginal tentacle of Pseudoceros cf dimidiatus, at Saint Paul, by Franck Faria  

message 14 : Mayotte, Pseudoceros sp3 on its favorite ascidian, by Matthias Deuss

message 13 : Reunion, Pseudoceros scriptus, at Saint Leu, by Christian Cochetel

message 12 : Reunion, Pseudoceros goslineri trying to take off, at Etang salé, by Christophe Cadet

message 11 : Mayotte, Thysanozoon cf nigropapillosum, at Passe en S, by Florence Trentin

message 10 : Mayotte, Pseudoceros sp3 crawling on a Porites, by Matthias Deuss

message 9 : Mayotte, Pseudoceros sp3 crawling on an orange sponge, by Yvon Gildas

message 8 : Reunion, Pseudoceros cf dimidiatus, at Saint Leu, by Emmanuel Eby  

message 7 : Reunion, Pseudoceros confusus like an ostrich, at Saint Gilles, by Philibert Bidgrain

message 6 : Mohéli, Pseudobiceros sp1 swimming, at Ouallah, by Florence Trentin

message 5 : Reunion, Pseudobiceros cf gratus with deep black bands, at La Saline, by Christophe Cadet

message 4 : Reunion, two Pseudobiceros cf gratus, at La Saline, by Thierry Mulochau 

message 3 : Reunion, Pseudobiceros cf gratus with deep cream coloration, at Saint Leu, by Eva Fontaine

message 2 : Reunion, Pseudobiceros fulgor swimming under the surface, at Saint Paul, by David Caron

message 1 : Mayotte, lateral view of Pseudobiceros bedfordi, by Yvon Gildas